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Bohemian Rhapsody

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Bohemian Rhapsody - Accordi

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SI♭add13Is this the real life? 
DO7Is this SI♭add13just   DO7fantasy?
FA7Caught in a DOm7landFA7slide,
no esSI♭cape from reDO7ali SI♭ty
SOLm7Open your eyes,
look up to the skies andMI♭ see. MI♭ /RE
DOm7I'm just a poor boy,
FA7I need no sympathy
Because I'm SIeasy SI♭come, LAeasy SIgo,
SIlittle SI♭high, LAlittle SI♭low
MI♭Any way the SI♭ /REwind blows,
MIdimdoesn't really FA /DOmatter to me,
to SI♭add13me

[Strofa 1]
SI♭add13Mama, just SOLm7killed a man
Put a DOm9gun against his head,
pulled my DOm7trigger, now he's dead.FA /DO
SI♭add13Mama, life had SOLm7just begun
But DOm7now I've gone and SI♭+thrown it
MI♭ /SIBall aSIm7way. LA♭7+
MI♭Mama,  SI♭ /REooh, DOm7
didn't FAmmean to make you cry LA♭ /MIB    RE
If SI♭I'm not back again
this SI♭7time tomorroMI♭w
Carry SI♭ /REon, carry DOmon as 
if LA♭mnothing really matMI♭ters
LA♭ /MIB    MI♭    SI♭add13
[Strofa 2]
SI♭add13Too late, my SOLm7time has come
Sends DOmshivers down my spine,
body's DOm7aching all the time FA7
SI♭add13Goodbye, everybody, I've SOLm7got to go
Gotta DOm7leave you all behindSI♭+
and faceMI♭ /SIB    SIm7 the truth
MI♭Mama, MI♭ /REooh
DOm7(Any way the wind blows)
FAmI don't wanna dieLA♭ /MIB
I SI♭sometimes wish
I'd neSI♭7ver been born at all
MI♭    MI♭ /RE    DOmadd9    FAm    MI+    LA♭ /MIB
[Strofa 3]
REI  LAsee a LAdimlittle
LAsilhouREetto LAof a LAdimman
LAScaraREmouche, LAScaraREmouche,
LAwill you LAdimdo the LAFanREdango? LA
RE♭Thunderbolt and LA♭lightning,
DOvery, very MI7frightening LAme
(Galileo) Galileo,
(Galileo) Galileo,
Galileo FigaDOm7ro magnifico
But SII'm  SI♭just a SIpoor  SI♭boy,
nobody SIloves SI♭me
LA♭He's MI♭just a MI♭dimpoor MI♭boy
LA♭from a MI♭poor MI♭dimfamily   MI♭
LA♭Spare him his life
from this FAmonstrosiFA /EB♭ty SI♭
SIEasy SI♭come,LA easy SI♭go,
SIwill you SI♭let me LAgo?
[Strofa 4]
MI♭No, we MI♭will not SI♭7let you go!
(Let him go) Bismillah!
We MI♭will notSI♭7let you MI♭go
(Let him go) Bismillah!
We MI♭will notSI♭7let you MI♭go
(Let me go) We MI♭will notSI♭7let you MI♭go
(Let me go) We MI♭will notSI♭7let you MI♭go
(Never, never, never, never let me go) SOL♭7Ah
SImNo,  LAno,  REno,  REno, 
RE♭no,  SOL♭no,  SI♭no,  MI♭!
(Oh, mamma mia, mamma mia)
MI♭Mamma LA♭mia, let MI♭me go
BeMI♭elzeLA♭bub has a RE7devil 
put a-SOLm7side for LA7me,
for me, for me!RE7    FA
[Strofa 5]
SI♭So you think you can stone me 
and MI♭spit in my SI♭eye?
RE♭    SI♭So you think you can love me 
and MI♭leave me to LA♭die?  SOLm
FAmOh,  SI♭baby,
FAmcan't do this to me, SI♭baby
FAmJust gotta get outSI♭,
FAmjust gotta get SI♭right outta MI♭here
DOmNothing really maSOLmtters, DOmanyone can SOLmsee
DOmNothing really maLA♭mtters
LA♭ /MIBNothing really matters
to MI♭me  LA♭ /MIB
SI♭ /FAAny way theLA♭dim    DO7 wind blowsFA

Bohemian Rhapsody - Video Musicale

Bohemian Rhapsody è un singolo del gruppo musicale britannico Queen, pubblicato il 31 ottobre 1975 come primo estratto dal quarto album in studio A Night at the Opera.

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